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Surveillance is the monitoring of an individual’s daily activities to obtain visual evidence that is both impactful and difficult to refute. Through surveillance, daily routines are monitored, and video documentation is obtained to substantiate inconsistencies in movements and abilities that may discredit a claim. The activities recorded can prove an individual to be working or acting beyond their restrictions. Multiple surveillance dates can be helpful in establishing patterns of behavior or inconsistencies.

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Locus investigations, photos, statements, and documents. All of these can be essential in securing information that can be used to assess a claim. Photos and measurements can capture the current state of an incident location. Statements can be used to determine if all parties are consistent in their version of events. Documents can be used to determine the extent of exposure, and obtaining store surveillance can be crucial in determining the course of events of a liability claim and more.

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Activity Checks

An activity check is the investigation into a claimant’s neighborhood and daily activities. The opportunity to physically view the subject residence and current activity such as construction or projects can assist in determining activities in which the subject may be active. This will also enable us to assess the possibility of future surveillance and determine vehicles and people associated with the property.

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Wellness Checks

Wellness checks take the form of an in-person meeting with a claimant. They can be completed either via a prearranged appointment or by a cold-call visit, depending on your needs. These visits are used to confirm the current health status of a claimant, current contact information and whether benefits are being received in a timely manner. The wellness check can be customized with additional specific questions or requirements. In the case of a Widow Check/Dependency Check, contact is made with a deceased claimant's spouse or dependent. The current marital status of the spouse is verified, and the current status of the dependent is determined.

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Desk Investigations

Individuals are increasingly putting aspects of their life online, including information about their health, what leisure activities they participate in and even running businesses or doing side jobs. Data mining of online social media sources can be an important tool in establishing a questionable claim. Photos, videos, tags with geolocation information and other types of information regularly posted online are gathered and preserved in an organized report. Whether posted by a claimant or traced through friends and family of the claimant, our extensive searches uncover those hidden nuggets of information to capture a fuller picture of a claimant's lifestyle and activities.

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Record & Database Search

We utilize a variety of research and record retrieval methods to provide our clients with comprehensive reports, enabling the best decisions for any given case.

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