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Cyber Searches

Our investigators analyze social media and several exclusive databases to build a digital profile.

Research indicates that 200 million people in America are posting their daily activities on social media. This information is both valuable and useful for a variety of purposes. We are practiced at finding and exploiting many potential sources of information. Our searches result in the gathering of many loose threads. Pull one string, and it may lead to another, until the entire tapestry appears. Even one seemingly insignificant piece of information about an individual could lead to a more important connection or breakthrough.  


  • Extensive Social Media Canvass
  • PAID Database Searches of Public Records/ Criminal Records
  • Civil Records
  • Professional Networking Sites/ Professional Licenses
  • Potential Phone Numbers/ Current/Past Addresses
  • Vehicle Registration History
  • Property Searches
  • And so much more…

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Our national footprint enables us to offer unparalled service to any client, anywhere with any investigative need.

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