The labeled man

Our investigators were tasked with tracking down a claimant that was potentially participating in an MMA style match. He wasn't hard to spot!

This file was received from a large national firm, on retainer from the U.S. Government in March of 2013. This claimant was involved in an accident and claimed to have suffered an injury to his knee and could not do any physical activity. We were made aware that the claimant would be participating in a Tough Man Competition at WesBanco Arena in Wheeling, West Virginia over a two-day period.

The claimant was the definition of easy for our investigator to identify because not only was he called out on the fight card, but he had his last name tattooed across his back, and the announcer confirmed his identity as the fighter in the yellow corner.

While conducting video and photographic surveillance, our investigator was able to get proof of the claimant boxing for two full rounds with no physical limitations. The claimant won his first fight, and it was determined that he would fight the next day. On the second day of the competition, our investigator was again able to get video of him boxing in two fights.  He won his first fight and then lost his second fight, eliminating him from the competition.

After copious amounts of video evidence and a literal label on the claimant’s back, we were able to provide enough evidence to our client that allowed them to overwhelmingly win the case.