Tri-state escapades

Becker & Company has a wide national reach. Our investigators were tasked with tracking down a claimant in multiple states across the U.S. from an incident years prior. We never give up!

This challenging file was received for the first time in the middle of March 2019, from a large national firm. This particular claimant was involved in a very minor, low impact car accident in New York city in January of 2016. He claimed to have suffered extensive injuries and demanded a $5.5 million settlement. The first round of surveillance we conducted was in Florida where the claimant was now living with his mother.

The file was re-opened for the second time in September of 2019, this time to conduct surveillance in his new residence in sunny California. At this point, his appearance was noted to have changed dramatically as he appeared to be more physically fit than during previous surveillance, telling us that he was working out and being physically active.

This file was re-opened for a third time in January 2020, and once again in March 2020 for a trial in the original state the accident happened in, New York.

With a floating date of a trial looming, Becker supplied three investigators, one from Florida and two from California to New York City to testify at the trial. All logistics were pulled together in two days. Throughout the proceedings, the claimant never wavered and stuck to his demand of $5.5 million dollars even after several attempts to reach an agreement by the council for a lesser amount to end the trial. Even after being presented with dubious surveillance showing fraud he was a holdout and requested a jury decision. In the end, after a deliberation of 12 minutes, the jury sided with our client and he was awarded zero dollars.

Our efforts saved the client $5.5 million dollars on this case.