What is Becker doing to protect ourselves and our customers?

Q: What is Becker doing to protect, plan and execute successful investigations during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: When face to face interaction is required, but not safe, we have protocols in place to establish authenticity. In addition to following all social distancing guidelines recommended by the CDC, we have taken the additional step to conduct recorded interviews by videoconferencing where appropriate. Becker requires all interviewees to be in a distraction-free environment, inclusive of any time commitments. Interviewees are required to scan the room with their camera where appropriate to ensure privacy.

Alive and Well checks, widow and dependent checks are still being conducted through a glass door or window where appropriate to ensure authenticity.


 Q: How do you handle residency checks, police reports and notarizations?

A: During a residency check, investigators knock on the door wearing government approved facemasks and practicing social distancing.  When a document signature is required, Becker sends the document through certified tracked mail. If the document needs notarized, we send a licensed notary to the door wearing an approved facemask while following all CDC guidelines.


Q: How are scene investigations completed?

A: Our investigators are required to call ahead of time to schedule an investigation.  All investigators are required to wear a facemask and practice social distancing where appropriate, regardless of the location being indoors or out. All investigates bring their own equipment, including cameras, tape measures, pens, etc. Upon exiting the premises, investigators will sanitize all equipment.